Gemlux Braid Proof Pulley

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The new GEMLUX dredge pulley is a more compact pulley designed specifically for pulling heavy-duty dredges using a braided line. The braid cannot get snagged between the roller and the pulley body due to the roller's edge being recessed into the pulley body. 

  • Proprietary bearing technology dramatically reduces wear on the braid due to a significant reduction in friction compared to traditional plain-bearing designs.
  • Our bearing provides smooth starts and stops, which prevents braid skipping and chafing.  This lengthens braid life, prevents dredge loss due to braid breakage, and ensures that the dredge can be quickly retrieved as smoothly as possible. 
  • Due to the high load and speed rating of our bearing, the size of the pulley has been reduced to 45mm, which is about 40% smaller than the popular 3" dredge pulleys. 
  • Forged and anodized aluminum pulley cheeks for strength, extreme durability, and a striking appearance.
  • The snatch block design allows easy rigging of the pulley. 
  • No maintenance is required aside from freshwater rinse.  
  • Due to the use of advanced materials, the pulley will operate smoothly over many years without corrosion or wear. 
  • Also suitable for supporting non-dredge teasers such as squid chains.

Supports a dredge using only one pulley mounted on the outrigger for higher retrieval speed or in the more traditional V-arrangement with one pulley on the outrigger and a second one submerged in front of the dredge for more mechanical advantage at the dredge reel.