AFTCO GBR Bucket Harness

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The AFTCO GBR Harness is the ultimate bucket fishing harness for applying maximum drag pressure when fighting giant gamefish from fighting chairs.  Designed in conjunction with IGFA Hall of Fame Captain Peter B. Wright and tested on monster black marlin off Australia's Great Barrier Reef, the GBR is designed for use with the "stiff-legged" technique in fighting chairs with seats of 20 inches or more in width.  The shell of the bucket is constructed of vacuum-bagged epoxy fiberglass and carbon fiber, and the interior padding is extra-firm, closed-cell foam with a heavy-duty Spandura covering.  The trim, beading and zippers are all made from the finest materials, and all stitching is done individually with heavy duty nylon thread.  Two-inch adjusting straps are custom jacquard-woven nylon web with knitted-in numbers to assist in individual sizing for multiple anglers.  The strap ladder-locks,spring-swivel lug attachment snaps,and glass window bezel are all polished 316-marine grade stainless steel - the finest available.  All GBR bucket fishing harness components are washable synthetics designed to be extremely durable for years of rugged use.  Measures 10" high, 21" wide and weighs 4.9 pounds.