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Unique hard to find fishing tackle.

Our Custom Products & Services

Why is the custom rod so important to the tournament, professional, or weekend angler?.....Fishing is more fun with a competitive edge and it starts with a custom built rod.Our custom rods start with a quality blank. Each blank is individually splined, (to find the natural bend for proper guide placement). The guides are double over-wrapped and coated to provide maximum strength. We thread-wrap by hand to incorporate your personal design and color.

Since taking over the shop from Fred Heidi in 1984, Bill Buckland has strived to maintain the expert craftsmanship and integrity that he built into his rods during the 30 years he owned the business “to build rods to the highest standard possible.”You don’t just order a rod, you work with the rod builder directly. It is important to discuss line sizes, grips, butts, what you’ll be using, as well as where you’ll be fishing. We will also need to know what type of fish you’ll be angling for.Bill Buckland builds IGFA rods from 2# - 130#, plus the 180# “tuna sticks,” stand-up, and wire line rods. Bonefish, tarpon and fly rods are also available.

Since we have the reputation of a master, world renowned, custom rod builder to maintain (Fred Heidi) we strive to build rods to the highest standards possible and we are proud to say “We did it.”These exceptional rods will be your favorite fishing companion and one of your most prized possessions.

Custom & Hard To Find Items

Custom Products

Bucket Harness

Custom chair harness for big game fishing fighting trophy fish during epic "Big Fish" battles. Custom fitted with rope & stainless steel clips the best harness in the industry with the most support. Custom monograms available for an additional $50.

Custom Fishing Rods, Gaffs, and more.

Bill himself is an excellent craftsman and makes custom fishing rods at the shop. A very talented staff accompanies him making exquisit fishing rods of any type to match your boats color scheme or preference.

Outrigger Parts

This custom outrigger system is designed to tention your halyard lines thrugh the boats gunnel for a sleek clean look that comes with or without a cleat to secure the line.

Dredge Rods

Designed to bring in teasers or dredge baits with an electric reel. Features include a swivel, top, and curved butt.

Tuna Tubes

6" PVC tubes - Painted white, adjustable valves, and quick disconnect. Custom built to order 2-3-4-5 additional configurations available please call.

Tag Sticks

A sturdy custom designed tag stick made out of carbonfiber. Light and strong when accuracy matters.  

Pole Spears

Carbonfiber pole spears made for hogfish, snapper, grouper, and more.

Pitch Tubes

Used to keep your pitch baits ready for when oppourtunity strikes. Suction cup it anywhere 2 sizes available.

Flat Line Clips

Custom flat line clips made to order.

Chair Ring

Custom chair ring.


Rod & Reel Repair

Fisherman's Center can repair your rods and service your reels. Come in today to learn more.

Custom Splicing.

Big game fishing requires an experienced technician to set up your gear. No matter what species you are targeting or rod and reel combination you have we use the proper methods and materials to rig it right.